Former Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien seems to have solo album in the works

Author Arto Mäenpää - 20.1.2024

Renowned guitarist Pat O’Brien, recognized for his contributions to Cannibal Corpse and his current role in Exhorder, has revealed plans to embark on a solo project. The 58-year-old musician, who faced legal issues in December 2018, addressed his future endeavors while discussing his status with Exhorder, a pioneering New Orleans thrash metal band where he has been a touring member since May 2022.

In a statement posted on Exhorder‘s social media, Pat O’Brien affirmed his commitment to the band, stating:

“I am in EXHORDER and will be contributing as well moving forward. I will also be on tour with the band when I’m permitted to. I also will be doing a solo project at some point but no solid plans on that as of yet.”

Exhorder also weighed in on O’Brien’s involvement, assuring fans that he is a permanent member of the band. In a separate statement, the band explained:

“Pat is our guy. He wants to be in this band moving forward and we want him with us as long as he wants to be.” However, due to ongoing travel restrictions, O’Brien is currently limited to U.S. shows. To address this, Waldemar Sorychta [GRIP INC.] will be joining the band for Latin American performances.”

Pat O’Brien made his live debut with Exhorder at the 2022 Maryland Deathfest, stepping in after guitarist Marzi Montazeri’s departure. Montazeri had decided to part ways with Exhorder, citing his choice not to be involved any longer.

O’Brien’s arrest over five years ago involved allegations of burglary and assaulting a police officer with a knife during a house fire incident. Despite the challenges, O’Brien remains committed to his musical journey, including both his ongoing role with Exhorder and the development of a solo project.