The Heathen Scÿthe: “Welcome (to the Dead)” is now available

Author Daniel Agapito - 4.4.2024

Owners of a powerful sound and full of great references within metal, The Heathen Scÿthe grows more and more in our scene, having relevance wherever it goes and being invited to major events such as occurred in 2023 when joining the line-up of traditional “Thorhammerfest” in São Paulo, Brazil.

Welcome (to the Dead)” is the band’s next song to receive a video with a professional production quality, featuring the assistance of a structure similar to that used in broadcasts of football games.

With the presence of more than 50 people (including influencers who provided live coverage), the recording also included thirty extras, nine fire machines, two smoke machines, a 20 m² LED screen and a scenographic stage, as well as flags standing eight meters high.

In the words of the vocalist:

“The band aims to increasingly deliver a richer audiovisual experience to the public. Each video has doubled in terms of production, and this time the Welcome video will be to promote the release of the full EP.

This EP will be released in physical format in a very limited quantity (500 copies only), and on all digital media. The physical EP, however, is a real grimoire, which explains each step of the ritual sung in the songs.

With this material in hand, it is possible to perform a ceremonial magic ritual based on witchcraft, goetia and chaos magic… all the steps, tools and herbs mentioned in the booklet are real, all the procedures are real, whoever follows the ritual can use it to achieve your own purposes through magical work. 

All of this will be available very soon via social media, so stay tuned for another bombastic release.

Text originally by Vinny Almeida

Header photo: André Tedim