The Heathen Scÿthe releases a metal version of the Viking Rise theme

Author Daniel Agapito - 5.7.2024

On May 18th, during the Ragnarok Musik Fest in São Paulo, Brazil the symphonic/industrial pagan metal band The Heathen Scÿthe presented their interpretation of the official theme from the acclaimed strategy game Viking Rise by the Chinese video game company IGG (known for Lords Mobile and Castle Clash).

Viking Rise, an online multiplayer war strategy game, transports players to the intriguing world of Midgard. You assume the role of a Viking leader guiding your tribe through a landscape of exploration, raids, and battles in Valhalla. As you amass wealth, fame, and power, strategic alliances between players are forged until all enemies are defeated and Midgard is conquered.

Regarding the creation of the theme, the band’s vocalist Tato Deluca commented:

When the opportunity arose to create our own version of this wonderful theme, we immediately accepted. It was an opportunity we couldn’t let slip by. Besides being addicted to Viking Rise and loving the compositions by Trevor Morris, who also composed for the TV series Vikings and The Tudors, I also see a great opportunity for Heathen Scÿthe to enter the gaming world. Who knows, maybe IGG will create skins with the band’s characters?