The Dread Reaver Europe Tour has started: enjoy the photo gallery of Abbath in Milan

Author Benedetta Baldin - 10.1.2024

Step into the heart of the metal mayhem as we present a riveting photo gallery that encapsulates the raw energy, commanding presence, and sheer brilliance of Abbath‘s performance. For the second date of their Dread Reaver Europe Tour 2024, we have witnessed their performance in Milan at the Slaughter Club. We’d like to thank Henriette of Showlab for her kindness and professionalism in hosting us!


Photos: Silvio Colombo.

Toxic Holocaust

Photos: Silvio Colombo.


Photos: Silvio Colombo.


  1. Triumph
  2. Acid Haze
  3. Dream Cull
  4. Hecate
  5. Battalions
  6. Ashes of the Damned
  7. Dread Reaver
  8. In My Kingdom
  9. Tyrants
  10. Nebular Ravens Winter
  11. The Artifex
  12. Winterbane
  13. Warriors
  14. Endless