Pic by Jéssica Marinho

The Damnnation: “Our legacy I think it would be to make the sound we like to do, and also encourage more girls to play”

Author Maria Goe - 16.8.2022

The newest Brazilian metal band, The Damnnation, presents a versatile sound, which mixes several strands of extreme metal. Three insane girls making metal without labels, aware and consistent with themes about depression, injustice and politics. They recently released their debut album “Way Of Perdition”, which is being highly praised by the specialized press and fans!

In an exclusive interview with Chaoszine, the bassist Aline Dutchi told us more details about the new album.

Pic by Jéssica Marinho

-“Way Of Perdition” is your newest studio album. Tell us about the production of the album. Did the pandemic get in the way of the recording process?
Aline Dutchi: The album was produced and recorded by the renowned Rogério Oliveira, who worked on the EP ‘Parasite’ and mixed and mastered by the renowned Martín Furia, who has worked on the Nervosa, Eskröta and BARK albums. Martin was recently announced as the new guitarist for the band Destruction. The pandemic delayed the recording sessions of the album a little, but it was more continuous and peaceful than the completion of the EP, it was more damaged in this sense.

-To compose the lyrics, what were your biggest influences? Is the album following some kind of concept?
Aline Dutchi: The lyrics were composed by Renata Petrelli, some talking about personal experiences and others based on all the mess we’ve been going through these days, it wasn’t programmed to follow a concept, despite reflecting largely internal chaos and social chaos.

-What are the main differences between the first EP “Parasite” and the new album?
Aline Dutchi: The EP was recorded in two stages due to the Pandemic and line-up changes, the Album had fewer production impasses and became more cohesive.

-How would you define the essence of “The Damnnation”? What legacy do you want to leave in music?
Aline Dutchi: Heavy essence with melody, with a hint of Old School Thrash Metal! Our legacy I think would be to make the sound we like to do, without prejudice of styles, and also, encourage more girls to play and set up their bands.

-Have you faced any difficulties for being a female band? Have you ever felt any kind of resistance from the public?
Aline Dutchi: No, nothing significant, because nowadays there are more female bands and the public is very supportive!

-The album was mixed and mastered by Martin Fúria, from Destruction, what was it like working with him?
Aline Dutchi: Martin is very easygoing and contributed a lot to the evolution of the band. It was great working with him!

-Are you already working on the next album?
Aline Dutchi: Yes! We are working on new songs already!

-The band did a really cool tour around Brazil in the first semester. Do you have plans to continue? What are the band’s plans?
Aline Dutchi: Yes! It was very cool! We will continue, for sure, our next tour will be in the northeast in October/November!

-We are finishing the interview. Would you like to send a message to the fans?
Aline Dutchi: Thank you so much for the space and support! For more information we are on all social networks and our website is now live www.thedamnnation.com.br