The courage of exploring sounds – review of “Epilogue” by Oli Brown & The Dead Collective

Author Benedetta Baldin - 10.4.2024

In metal and rock music, sometimes the talent of singer-songwriters is overlooked because we have an overflowing catalog of bands, and why should we bother to look for something else when we have tons of choices? Well, I think that amidst these fantastic groups, there are pure talents to be recognized. Just like Oli Brown & The Dead Collective, who have just released an EP called “Epilogue”.

Before this “Epilogue”, there was a “Prologue” and a “Prelude”, so it’s only a figurative epilogue. Because Oli Brown has all the right characteristics to be here for the long run, and these EPs have been ultimate proof. Evocative, profound, accessible and meaningful: what more can we ask for?

From the majestic sound of “I Won’t Leave” to the heavier “Home Sweet Home“, you will hit that replay button so many times because the atmospheres that he creates in the tracks are simply sublime. And to be honest, this is the only fault that “Epilogue” has. It’s too short!

But hopefully Oli Brown & The Dead Collective have something in store for us that lasts a little longer because we will be welcoming it with open arms. “Epilogue” is a little hidden gem, and all it takes is just one listen to fall under the spell of Oli Brown’s warm and rich tone. So you might not want to miss this incredible release!