The brotherhood lives on – Review of We Came As Romans’s new album “Darkbloom”

Author Vickky Lewis - 29.11.2022

After 5 years, We Came As Romans are back with their most personal album to date. Following the tragic passing of their frontman Kyle Pavone in 2018. WCAR new album “Darkbloom” echos going through hell and back and showing that they’re brotherhood lives on. With their keyboardist Dave Stephens stepping up to lead vocals. Dave doesn’t disappoint, creating his own lane as frontman.

“DarkBloom” storms through the battlefield with no sign of slowing down. Each track falls into each other like a French kiss. Allowing you to hang on to each lyric and note.

“Darkbloom” is stacked with fast hitting singles;  “Darkbloom“, “Black Hole“, “Golden“, “Plagued and Daggers“. “Daggers” features Philadelphia rapper Zero 9:36 which is one of the heaviest tracks on the album. Dave showing off his growling chops mixed with a versus of rap by Zero 9:36 is rap metal at its finest. Matching each other’s energy and Zero 9:36 insync with drums makes “Daggers” a match made in heaven. This shows We Came As Romans are stepping out into new territory are here to stay. Even after a glorious 15 years as a band.

With standout tracks such as “DoubleSpeak” showcases their percussion, synth and vocal talents. Along with Drew Fulk aka WZRD BLD production magic. To close out the album we are left with a tear jerker “Promise You“. Make sure you grab your tissues as they pay tribute to Kyle.

Get ready to sing, mosh and cry along with We Came With Roman’s new album “Darkbloom”.