The best of Japanese rock comes together in a unique project featuring ex-Versailles, An Cafe, Malice Mizer members and more

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 11.12.2022

Anyone who grew up in the 2000s with a passion for the Japanese rock and metal scene will recognize these names right away. Versailles, Malice Mizer, An Cafe, and many others will participate in a unique work of its kind. Led by Mana, guitarist of the aforementioned Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois, “Cartoromancy” is presented as a Real-Life Tarot Cards Project.

What does it mean exactly? 22 Jrock artists will show themselves as tarot cards in an exclusive artwork. Among the musicians involved HIZAKI (Jupiter, Versailles) Miku (An Cafe) Maco (deadman, kein, LOA-ROAR). Everyone will wear the beautiful clothes of Mana’s Moi-même-Moitié brand.

“Cartoromancy” will include a tarot deck and an official art book of approximately one hundred pages. Previews are already available on the official Vizard Instagram page, and pre-orders will be open starting 15 December worldwide.