Tarja Turunen on her next album: “I can already say that it’s pretty heavy”

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 25.1.2023

During an interview for MetalHammer, Tarja Turunen talked about many interesting things. Herever-discussed relationship with Tuomas Holopainen’s Nightwish, her difficult health situation, and her future plans. Among the relevant news, are a few small clues on the direction of her solo career.

Speaking about a possible new release:

I’m currently writing songs for it, but I can already say to you that it’s pretty heavy. It’s because of my live band. They are absolutely amazing musicians and, when they play, it’s a massive support for me and my big voice. They lift me up with their energy, so this is going to be really powerful, with metal guitars and grooving bass and drums.

– Tarja Turunen

When asked about her relationship with Nightwish, Tarja gives us an interesting insight:

The only guy that I had contact with was Marko Hietala, but he’s no longer in the band. I even sang with him some years ago. The rest, it’s been emailing. Everything is fine but we’re not in touch. That all died a long time ago. I wrote Tuomas a message when his father passed, so we’re fine.– Tarja Turunen

Thankfully, Tarja seems to have fully recovered from her health complications, largely due to stress, and we are all eager to hear her next masterpiece.