Photo by Tim Tronckoe

“I am really living my dream” – Interview with Tarja Turunen about Dark Christmas, Marko Hietala and more

Author John Wins - 27.11.2023

Iconic Finnish vocalist Tarja Turunen just released her new record on November 10th, the fourth in a period of a year, called Dark Christmas, which is a sequel for From Spirits And Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas) released in 2017.

The new work once again brings introspective, melancholic and dark versions of well-known versions of Xmas classics. In addition to this latest album, the singer has also been promoting the compilation Best Of: Living The Dream, the Outlanders project and the live album Rocking Heels (Live at Metal Church), all released by the record label earMUSIC.

Promoting the new album and her upcoming Dark Christmas tour in Europe this December, Chaoszine spoke with Tarja in a video call to talk about her process of turning shadows into art, working with her daughter, her reunion and future works with Marko Hietala, and much more.

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You can listen to Tarja‘s new album “Dark Christmas” here: