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Steven Wilson considering another Porcupine Tree reunion

Author Flavia Andrade - 10.10.2023

In a recent interview with The Prog ReportSteven Wilson spoke of Porcupine Tree‘s comeback in 2021, after over a decade of inactivity. He also addressed the release of their latest album, “Closure / Continuation”, and the world tour that followed. The band counted on bassist Nate Navarro to replace Colin Edwin for the tour, since Edwin didn’t even take part in the record, with Wilson himself taking over bass duties for the recording process.

In Wilson‘s words:

I really enjoyed it. We really enjoyed it in a way that we probably never enjoyed it in the previous incarnation. I think there was a sense of it being, I wouldn’t say without any sense of pressure, but there was a lot less pressure this time around. There was no pressure to try and make it into something it wasn’t, because it was kind of a one-off thing.

We had a great time touring together, and it was great to see so many people that probably never got the chance to see the band 15 years ago — a lot of young kids coming to the shows and whole families coming, dads bringing their sons and daughters to shows and stuff like that. And it was great to play that old music. It was great to play the newer music as well. It was great to be playing bigger venues than we ever played — certainly in Europe, we were playing arenas, which was amazing. It was great to give it — and this is, of course, assuming that it is a kind of ending, ’cause it may not be. I don’t think we’re ruling out another possible reunion somewhere in the future. But if this was the end, it felt like a much more pleasing way to end the story than I think had been left hanging in the air prior to that.