Photo: Ross Halfin

Steven Tyler surprises audience by singing at yesterday’s show in London of The Black Crowes

Author Benedetta Baldin - 16.5.2024

The Black Crowes had an unexpected guest at their Hammersmith show in London yesterday May 15th, when Steven Tyler grabbed the microphone on stage to join the band on Aerosmith‘s cover of “Mama Kin“. This is the first time that Tyler performed after his stop for vocal damage, which forced his band to halt their Peace Out farewell tour.

Aerosmith initially launched the highly anticipated tour on September 2nd, 2023, but Tyler suffered vocal cord damage after only three shows. He was diagnosed with a fractured larynx and ordered to rest. The tour will start once again on September 20th in Pittsburgh, roughly a year later. The Black Crowes are confirmed as the opening act.