Stam1na’s thunderous performance shook the whole Finlandia-klubi – Check out the photos from the evening

Author Olga Jarvenpaa - 6.5.2024

The legends of the Finnish metal scene – Stam1na – delivered an unforgettable performance at the Finlandia-klubi in Lahti last Saturday. This gig was a part of the EX MAN 2024 tour and the setlist for the gig included a mixture of songs from various Stam1na’s albums. 

The venue was filled with a diverse crowd of fans, including youngsters. The crowd was enthusiastic: everybody was entirely immersed in the music and atmosphere. Fans were singing along, headbanging, raising their hands into the air and showing appreciation for the band’s performance after every song. Stam1na was interacting with the audience, sharing stories and laughs, even playing a bit of Apulanta’s “Mitä kuuluu?” -song – all of those things made the concert even more special. 

It was a great night of music, which is going to stay in the hearts of all fans forever! Check out the photos from our gallery below: