Soulfly’s Max Cavalera says the band parted ways with the guitar player Marc Rizzo due to personal reasons

Author Annija Raga - 9.8.2021

The Americal heavy metal band Soulfly recently parted ways with their guitar player Marc Rizzo. Questions about Rizzo’s departure appeared when it was announced that Fear Factory‘s guitarist Dino Cazares will be playing lead guitar for Soulfly on their upcoming tour.

Soulfly‘s founder Max Cavalera gave an update on the band’s lineup in the recent episode of his Max Trax streaming series. Cavalera said that Soulfly parted ways with the guitar player duo to personal reasons:

“Right now, for the tribe, I wanna address something that is going on with Soulfly. Of course, it’s about Marc Rizzo. He did not leave the band. We decided to part ways with him due to personal reasons. I wish Marc the best on his career. I wanna thank Marc for the 18 years with Soulfly.”

Max Cavalera