Sodom’s Tom Angelripper considers a Big 4 German Thrash Metal tour reunion

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 1.11.2022

After having worthily celebrated forty years of career, Teutonic thrash metal legends, Sodom, return to discuss old-fashioned projects. During an interview with A&P-Reacts, Thomas Such, also known as Tom “Angelripper”, shared his say about a possible tour reunion with the so-called Big 4 of German Thrash Metal: Kreator, Destruction, Tankard, and Sodom of course.

From the A&P-Reacts video interview:

My thought is that all four bands have gone their own way. And it would be really difficult to book shows or to put together a ‘Big Four’ tour, due to the different record companies, publishers, booking agencies and all the rest. I don’t think it’s feasible.

– Thomas Such

And speaking about the success of the other bands:

We want to stay with our feet firmly anchored to the ground. I think the most important thing is the band and not the big screens on stage or the pyrotechnic effects. We play in small clubs. We like to play in small clubs. I love being close to the audience and being in touch with the fans.

– Thomas Such

But hope springs eternal. Without dreaming too high, Thomas does not exclude the idea of a possible co-tour:

Maybe a couple of dates. If we’re on tour, Kreator and Destruction are on tour, and so on (…) In any case, as mentioned, this is more likely to happen if a promoter expressly says that he wants all four bands for a show or festival. In that case, we definitely go.

– Thomas Such