Sinsaenum’s Sean “Sean Z.” Zatorsky guest on the “Surfacing” cover in memory of Joey Jordison

Author Samuel Järvinen - 14.10.2021

The metal world was shocked this summer by the news of the death of Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. The drumming talent died at the age of 46.

Now French metal band Dropdead Chaos have decided to cover Slipknot’s song “Surfacing” in Jordison’s memory. The cover also features Sinsaenum vocalist Sean “Sean Z.” Zatorskya. Jordison and Zatorsky played in Sinsaenum at the same time.

Dropdead Chaos comments:

“In 2018 our producer Hk from the Vamacara Studio was hired by the band Sinsaenum to record the mighty Joey Jordison. Hk is the last producer who worked with Joey. Here what’s Hk says about Joey “I met a very humble and gentle man. Absolutely passionned by the music in general. The first time I heard about Joey Jordison was when I listened to Surfacing. I was totally blown away by his ferocious drumming. Many years later I was in the studio with him. Life can be unpretictable. Thx for everything you’ve done with your bands. And thx for your friendship. RIP Joey” We decided to team up with Hk to pay tribute to Joey Jordison who is a massive influence for us. We also asked to Sean Z (Sinsaenum, Daath, ex-Chimaira) to join us. Thx man you absolutely nailed it ! This tribute means a lot to us for many reasons. The song was recorded remotly and fully mixed and mastered by Hk. RIP Joey. You’ll be never forgotten.”