Silent Planet releases new song “Panopticon”

Author Arto Mäenpää - 21.8.2021

Silent Planet return with their brand new single “Panopticon” today, their first taste of new music following the band’s 2020 single “Trilogy” and Redux edition of “The Night God Slept”. You can listen to the new song from the group below:

“Panopticon” paints a dystopian view of the future – one where technological advances have pacified the human spirit and made us apathetic in the face of an increasingly malevolent, post-singularity AI that was developed under the premise of security… ultimately becoming a tyrannical overlord” adding: “To communicate the story of humanity and its traditions being outmoded, we challenged ourselves to write a song with no guitar. Using only bass, electronic elements, and percussion – we developed this track over the course of the summer”.– Garrett Russell. frontman of Silent Planet