Silenoz about new Dimmu Borgir music: “It takes us a while”

Author Arto Mäenpää - 7.5.2024

Dimmu Borgir, renowned for their atmospheric black metal sound, has been relatively quiet on the album front in recent years. Since the release of “Eonian” in 2018, fans have eagerly awaited news of new material. Guitarist and vocalist Silenoz recently shed light on the band’s creative process and their commitment to quality over speed.

In a recent interview with Rauta, Silenoz emphasized the band’s deliberate approach to crafting a new album. Despite the pressure from fans for a swift release, Dimmu Borgir remains steadfast in their dedication to producing exceptional music. Silenoz stated, “We’d rather take our time and even take one year extra to make it better than good… So obviously we would also like to have an album out as soon as we can, but we’re not going to do that.

He further elaborated on their ethos during a late 2023 interview with FaceCulture, expressing a desire to avoid stagnation and repetition. Silenoz emphasized the importance of artistic integrity, stating, “We never compromise and we always take the time we feel is needed to finish an album.

While details regarding a release date remain uncertain, Silenoz provided insight into the band’s progress. Dimmu Borgir is currently in the midst of crafting six to seven songs, already demoed with vocals. Despite the challenges posed by the creative process, Silenoz affirmed that the band is fully engaged and optimistic about the upcoming release.

With Dimmu Borgir‘s commitment to excellence and artistic integrity, fans can rest assured that their patience will be rewarded with a meticulously crafted masterpiece, whenever it may arrive. You can check out the entire interview below: