Sharon Osbourne is open to launch a new Ozzfest Festival

Author Hernan Osuna - 2.1.2024

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, along with their children Jack and Kelly, have released the seventeenth episode of their revived podcast, The Osbournes.

During the chat, Ozzy asked Sharon if she would ever consider doing another edition of the famous Ozzfest travelling festival. She responded: “Yeah, sure. Of course“.

Then, inevitably, came the talk of money, after her daughter Kelly remarked that managers are “realistic” about what everyone should be paid.

It’s great. That’s what we wanted — everybody to do spin-offs and do their own festivals, and it’s great,” said Sharon. “It’s great for fans; it’s brilliant. But why is it when it comes to us that everybody thinks that we are trillionaires, and so that every manager who wants their band on our festival wants one of the fucking trillions they think we’ve got to put on the festival?“, Sharon commented.

After Ozzy asked about the possibility of concentrating more on lesser-known acts that wouldn’t be as demanding, Sharon said: “You can do it for a baby stage, but you still need the headliners. It’s always great to have the baby stage, I mean, that’s what it’s all about — breaking new bands. That’s why we did it.”