Scorpions story to be made into a film next year

Author Benedetta Baldin - 25.6.2024

The story of German heavy rock legend Scorpions will be made into a film next year. Titled ‘Wind of Change’, the film will tell the band’s story from the early days to the present day, according to Deadline, and takes its name from the 1991 power ballad that became the biggest hit of Scorpions’ career.

ESX Entertainment has signed on to produce “Wind of Change” and Alex Ranarivelo (American Wrestler: The Wizard) has been tapped to direct the film. ESX Founder and President Ali Afshar says the following about the film:

The Scorpions’ music has penetrated our culture in a big way. There is an evocative quality to their sound that is unmatched in the genre, which is one of the reasons hits like ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ and ‘Still Loving You’ continue to get so much airplay and fill movie soundtracks, and their music continues to connect with a new generation of fans across the globe. When my family fled Iran and came to the United States, the Scorpions’ music changed my life – if not saved it. I’m hoping that by telling the Scorpions’ story, we can bring some of that same inspiration to the world.

“Wind of Change” is scheduled to start shooting in Europe later this year and the film will be released in 2025, when the band will be 60 years old.