Peyton Parrish’s Valhalla is calling and his fans follow him loudly at Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany supported by DOMINUM

Author Christine Heinrich - 12.2.2024

Before heading to Valhalla together with Peyton Parrish, the German band DOMINUM around Dr. Dead, also known as Felix Heldt, and his zombies brings the Haus Auensee in Leipzig to operating temperature. Frontman Felix Heldt is no stranger in the metal scene, having already worked successfully as a songwriter and producer for bands like Feuerschwanz and Visions of Atlantis.

In their luggage, the band has their debut album “Hey Living People”, released in December 2023 by Napalm Records, which they energetically and passionately present to the Leipzig audience. It doesn’t take long for the spark of the horror boys with their catchy power metal to jump to the audience. With hands in the air, the audience sings along with the lead singer to songs like “Frankenstein”, “Half Alive” or “Hey Living People” and the temperature in the hall rises by the minute.

During “Rock You Like A Hurricane” the venue trembles as the undead and Dr. Dead truly make the Scorpions‘ classic their own. With powerful vocals, glorious riffs, catchy hooks and a wonderful storytelling, DOMINUM captivates the Leipzig audience and proves to be wonderfully approachable and likable at the merchandise stand after the concert!

We will definitely (want to) hear more from this band!

“You have the skill to survive, your star will rise, You have the power to fight, any and every one, Everyone under the sun, Half alive!”

Setlist Dominum:
Immortalis Dominum
Danger Danger
Better Shoot Yourself
Half Alive
Hey Living People
Rock You Like A Hurricane
We All Taste The Same
Patient Zero

Shortly after nine p.m. the Nordic rockstorm unleashes and Peyton Parrish enters the stage at the Haus Auensee in the western part of Leipzig, a venue that regularly welcomes national and international musicians.

With his hit “Fist Into The Air” the American kicks off and invites his guests to join him on a journey to Valhalla through his epic rock anthems. An invitation that is gratefully accepted by his audience and that responds loudly. His songs inspired by Viking history are celebrated and sung along to with precision. The audience hangs on every word of the charismatic TikTok, Instagram and YouTube star and his show.

He captivates his audience with his distinctive, unique and mezmerising voice as well as his stage presence. He seems to be born to perform on stage, having celebrated his first official performance just last year in 2023 at the Wacken Open Air Festival.

His audience follows him through a diverse and exhilarating setlist: “Fallen Angel”, “Poetry Glass” and The Cranberries‘ worldwide hit “Zombie” immersing themselves further into a rocky Disneyworld with him: “Go The Distance”, “I’m Still Here”, “Hoist The Colours” or “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”.

With “Ragnarök” Mr. Parrish then veers towards Valhalla together with his fans. With a strong, booming voice, he belts out “Drengr of Ragnarök, Welcome to Valhalla” to the crowd and the hall erupts. “Draugr”, “Dane” and “God Of War” follow before Peyton Parrish stands before the gates of Valhalla with his more than 3,000 fans.

The first notes of “Valhalla Calling” ring out and the audience knows exactly where to chime in and singing now loudly in unison: “The echoes of eternity – Oh-ho-oh – Valhalla calling me – Oh-ho-oh – To pluck the strings of destiny – Oh-ho-oh – Valhalla calling me – Valhalla calling me”!

Peyton Parrish, not quite ready to part ways with his fans, then starts the very last song “My Mother Told Me”. Without music, just his voice. Breathtakingly beautiful! Goosebumps guaranteed!

Arrived in Valhalla, his fans leave the venue blissfully, having experienced an evening that will definitely linger and remain in memory.

Setlist Peyton Parrish:
Fist Into The Air
Fallen Angel
Master Of War
Poetry Glass
I’ll Make A Man Out Of You
I’m Still Here
Go The Distance
Hoist The Colours
God Of War
Valhalla Calling
My Mother Told Me (A Cappella With The Audience)