Santa Cruz returns to the Whisky A Go Go stage promoting the concert as “the return of the kings”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 20.4.2022

Finnish hard rock band Santa Cruz drew criticism from their fans after playing a gig at the legendary Whisky A Go Go club a while ago, during which both drummer and bassist played off-time and messed up songs. But it was the band’s use of backing tapes that attracted more attention, with some accusing the band of relying on them too much.

Shortly after the event, US radio journalist Eddie Trunk criticised Santa Cruz’s performance, prompting Santa Cruz’s leading man Archie Cruz to berate Trunk on Instagram. However, after the comments went viral, Archie publicly apologised, while posting a video showing that he could sing without backing tracks.

The band have now announced that they will return to the Whisky A Go Go stage in August. A poster promoting the show states that it will be a “return of the kings”, “round two” and that “this time it is personal”.