Legendary radio host Eddie Trunk criticises Santa Cruz for using backing tracks – Archie Cruz responds on social media: “Your career will be over soon and we’ll be on top”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 9.4.2022

The Finnish rock band Santa Cruz recently performed at the legendary Whisky A Go Go club in California. However, the concert has sparked a debate on social media, as the videos clearly show the pervasive use of backing tracks, and the band’s rhythm section didn’t sound like it was at its tightest.

Legendary US radio host and metal music supporter Eddie Trunk posted a message on Twitter criticising Santa Cruz’s use of backing vocals.

“I have long railed against the epidemic of bands using tracks live. And how fans & promoters just accept “live” acts & paying to see a band “live” and it’s anything but. This is how bad it’s become. Everyone okay with this?! Unreal!”, trunk writes.

The post didn’t escape Archie Cruz, who responded in his Instagram “Stories” -section:

“You fucked with the wrong crew. Your career will be over soon and we’ll be on top. Wait & see mf”

Former Dream Theater drum virtuoso Mike Portnoy also commented on the incident. He responded to Trunk’s tweet by writing “Wow”, along with a bunch of blushing emojis.