Sami Hinkka to Chaoszine: “The writing process for the next Ensiferum album has started”

Author Arto Mäenpää - 9.7.2021

Finnish folk metal giants Ensiferum has started the summer by playing two virtual shows. The first show the group played after a long break happened at Hellfest From Home virtual event which was held in Clisson, France on June 18th and the second virtual show the group played was at the legendary Finnish mid-summer festival Nummirock on June 25th. Chaoszine met up with the band’s bassist Sami Hinkka before the streaming show and discussed about the summer of Ensiferum regarding getting back to the stage playing, what is up next for Hinkka’s other band Metal De Facto and what kind of plans he has regarding his ssSHhh soloproject.

During the interview Hinkka revealed that Ensiferum has commenced the writing process for the follow-up of “Thalassic”. Hinkka said he is very pleased for the material so far and they already have almost album’s worth of raw ideas for the next album:

“I am happy to the position we are now with the new songs. We still need to make two or three more songs to sort of have the raw structure of the upcoming album. It is already in very good position.”

– Sami Hinkka

You can watch the full interview below:

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