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Ryujin’s Ryoji Shinomoto lists his 5 favorite melodic death metal albums of all time: “Legends are forever”

Author Atte Itkonen - 17.1.2024

Japanese melodic death metallers Ryujin released their latest “Self-Titled” album on January 12th via Napalm Records. The band which was previously known under the name Gyze is heavily influenced by Scandinavian melodic death metal so we asked the band’s primary song writer, guitarist-vocalist Ryoji Shinomoto, to list us in his opinion five best melodic death metal albums of all time. You can check out Shinomoto’s picks and explanations to his choices below:

5. Dissection – “Storm of the Light’s Bane”:

I’m sure COB and In Flames wouldn’t have been born without Dissection. Although it is close to so-called black metal, it would be impossible to talk about the birth of melodeath without this album. It’s a legend among legends. It’s also interesting that Alexi’s last song was a cover of them.

4. Kalmah – “The Black Waltz”:

This is a band that never fails in everything. You can listen to Scandinavian melodies with peace of mind. Whenever they release a new release, I always check it out first.

3. Norther – “Dreams of Endless War”:

I loved speed metal, and I loved the way they added growl to speed metal. I’m also a fan of Alexi, but I think Petri’s singing is closer. I’m proud of my younger self for the days I spent with him on tour with Ensiferum the other day.

2. In Flames – Colony:

You can combine such a beautiful melody with death metal! This is a surprising album. I especially liked the opening track and the instrumental bonus track.

1. Children Of Bodom – Follow The Reaper:

This is the album I listened to the most by melodic death metal. Melodic, classical, growl, and shred. This album was filled with everything I wanted to hear. Legends are forever.

You can check out Ryujin‘s “Self-Titled” album which was released on January 12th via Napalm Records below: