“RUSH! (Are U Coming?)”: Måneskin release new edition of their current album

Author Stefanie Nysand - 28.9.2023

Måneskin are going to release a new edition of their current studio album “RUSH!”, entitled “RUSH! (Are U Coming?)”, with five bonus tracks and an alternative cover artwork. The five bonus tracks include their current single “HONEY (Are u coming?)” as well as the previously unreleased songs “Valentine“, “Off My Face“, “The Driver” and “Trastevere“.

The cover artwork of the new edition is a reversed version of the original album: Now, it is not the cheerleader jumping over the band, but the quartet from Italy’s capital Rome is jumping over the cheerleader.

Also the tracklist is kind of reversed as the bonus tracks do not follow at the end of the original tracklist, but they rather open the new version of the album.


01 Honey (Are U Coming?)
02 Valentine
03 Off My Face
04 The Driver
05 Trastevere
06 Own My Mind
07 Gossip (feat. Tom Morello)
08 Time Zone
09 Bla Bla Bla
10 Baby Said
11 Gasoline
12 Feel
13 Don’t Wanna Sleep
14 Kool Kids
15 If Not For You
16 Read Your Diary
17 Mark Chapman
18 La Fine
19 Il Dono Della Vita
21 Supermodel
22 The Loneliest

“RUSH! (Are U Coming?)” is set to be released on 10 November 2023 via Epic Records / Sony Music Entertainment. Pre-orders will be possible from tomorrow (Friday, 29 September 2023), though no link to any pre-orders has been shared yet.