Rules are meant to be broken: review of “Luc-II-Farul” by Death’s-head and the Space Allusion

Author Benedetta Baldin - 10.1.2024

I should be accustomed by now to the talent that is ever flowing from Finland, and yet, each time I am surprised by what bands are capable of creating with this wonderful art we call music. And this is definitely the case for Death’s-head and the Space Allusion, who just last November have released their sophomore album “Luc-II-Farul”. 7 tracks, 36 minutes, it’s time to dive in.

When I’m deep in my listening zone, it’s my habit to try and examine every single detail of the songs, first and foremost the quality of production, mastering, and mixing. And while they are certainly good, what struck me the most was the vocals, which sometimes are crystal clear, and sometimes almost harsh. Until we can know for certain if this was done intentionally or not, I would say that this is a daring and intriguing aspect. Progressive metal has usually very immaculate vocals, and while Valtteri Virolainen shines brighter than the sun, it’s interesting this kind of approach that strays away from the rule.

Honestly, I am not fond of suites and tracks that last longer than 5 minutes (although it’s a staple in the progressive genre), and while this was my initial thought, I came to love and appreciate this in “Luc-II-Farul”. Especially in the closing song “To The Final Bell Toll“, which magnificently closes the record. A superb equilibrium of riffs, vocals, harmonization, and structure: now this is a track that will go down in history!

We can’t just ignore the rest of the ensemble that made this album possible: Aleksi Mäkelä and Antza Talala work very well on guitars, providing entertaining solos and riffs. Juho Rikberg’s bass is a bit hidden in the mixing, but he and Jussi Ontero are valorously holding up the rhythmic section.

In conclusion, Death’s-head and the Space Allusion have crafted a masterpiece with “Luc-II-Farul”. To the talented musicians behind this extraordinary album, I implore you: please continue to push the boundaries, experiment fearlessly, and evolve your craft. May you never cease to explore, innovate, and refine your unique sound. The metal world eagerly awaits your next cosmic revelation. Keep on doing what you do so exceptionally well – the universe of music is richer for it.