Rob Halford posted a picture of his bullet containing Lemmy Kilmister’s ashes – next to it is a ring that belonged to Ronnie James Dio

Author Samuel Järvinen - 1.2.2022

When legendary Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister passed away, some of the singer-bassist’s ashes ended up inside bullets. The bullets, engraved with Lemmy’s name, were then distributed to the musician’s closest and most important friends.

Recently, vocalist Rob Halford of metal legends Judas Priest revealed that he was one of those given a bullet containing Kilmister’s ashes.

Now Halford has posted a picture of the bullet on social media.

Next to the bullet is a ring worn by Ronnie James Dio, which Wendy Dio had bought for her husband when he joined Black Sabbath. Later, Wendy had decided that since Halford had been a close friend of Dio, he should have it.