Rob Halford opens up about his battle with prostate cancer – urges older fans to check their health

Author Samuel Järvinen - 10.11.2021

Rob Halford, lead singer of English heavy metal legends Judas Priest, recently revealed that he has been battling prostate cancer since his heyday. Fortunately, however, the cancer was put into remission with treatments.

Now Halford has opened up about his battle in a recent interview with Mariskal Rock.

“It’s in remission. I count my blessings — thanks to God. It was a time when… You know, timing is everything in rock and roll and heavy metal. And, of course, this was going on during the pandemic — the initial stages of the pandemic — so the world was completely closed down”, Halford says and continues:

“Priest would have been on a bit of a hiatus anyway, because we had just been around the world three times with ‘Firepower’, so we were gonna be on a kind of a break although we were writing for the new album. And so I was able to take care of three things, really — promote [my autobiography] ‘Confess’, do some writing with the band before I came back [home] to Phoenix, and then get this cancer business sorted out.”

Halford wants to advise older fans to check their health:

“It’s just a miracle what they can do with health care these days; it’s absolutely remarkable. So in my story, my main message is to guys everywhere around the world, when you get to a certain age, it’s very important that you get your prostate checked, your bloodwork checked, get a colonoscopy.”

The legendary vocalist recently said in an interview that he does not yet want to retire.