Rob Halford of Judas Priest is not yet ready to retire: “I genuinely from the heart do not want it to end”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 8.11.2021

Founded in 1969, heavy metal legends Judas Priest have had a long and successful career. The band, which has released numerous classic albums and has toured the world many times has remained in the hearts of the metal nation.

The band’s lead singer, Rob Halford, who has been dubbed as the metal god, says he is not ready to retire just yet. In a recent interview with Decibel, Halford says he enjoys performing too much.

“Most people in England are retired at 50. You put your feet up; it’s the end. You start puttering around your garden and sitting in your deck chair with a cup of tea. It’s true that you thought back then that rock ‘n’ roll was a young man’s adventure, that even 50 is a stretch.

“There was a little kid at a recent show. He was on his dad’s shoulders, and he knew all the words to all these Priest songs. He was like eight years old. I brought him up on the stage and signed his shirt. And that’s when I go, ‘please, god, give me another 50 years, because I don’t want it to end.’ I genuinely from the heart do not want it to end. So these are all just glorious moments to live to the full and celebrate every day, whether you’re on stage or not.”

A new career spanning book about Judas Priest, “50 Heavy Metal Years”, is soon to be released.