Rammstein unveiled the official track list for their upcoming album “Zeit” after a worldwide treasure hunt completed by fans

Author Samuel Järvinen - 30.3.2022

German metal band Rammstein launched a small-scale treasure hunt a while ago, in which the band had hidden 11 “Zeit capsules” around the globe, each revealing a song from their album.

Fans managed to find all the capsules, so the band has now officially announced the full track list for their upcoming album, which you can read below. Whoever found the capsule also received two tickets to the Rammstein concert with a paid trip.

01. Armee Der Tristen
02. Zeit
03. Schwarz
04. Giftig
05. Zick Zack
06. Ok
07. Meine Tränen
08. Angst
09. Dicke Titten
10. Lügen
11. Adieu

Zeit will be released on 29th of April.