Rage Against The Machine’s Brad Wilk recovers from his second knee surgery this year

Author Samuel Järvinen - 3.12.2021

Brad Wilk, drummer of metal band Rage Against The Machine, has undergone his second knee surgery in a year. Earlier this year, Wilk underwent surgery for a torn meniscus, and the drummer is now recovering from a second similar operation.

“Nurses need naps too. Good thing I’ve done this before on the other side. Knee surgery number two this year complete. Torn meniscus again… Let the healing begin. Blood sugars been a bit outa whack for weeks because of it. Excited to be able to get on with some proper playing again soon”, Wilk writes on social media.

Rage Against The Machine planned to return to stages in 2020, but unfortunately the pandemic made it impossible. The tour has now been postponed to 2022.