Punk supergroup UltraBomb releases new single “Fear Your Gods”

Author Stefanie Nysand - 7.6.2022

The punk supergroup UltraBomb – consisting of Greg Norton (Hüsker Dü), Finny McConnell (The Mahones) and Jamie Oliver (U.K. Subs) – has released their new single “Fear Your Gods“. You can listen to the song below:

After “Stickman Vs Hangman” and “Star“, “Fear Your Gods” is the third single from UltraBomb‘s upcoming 1st studio album “Time To Burn” which was supposed to be released on 27 May 2022 via True North Records. Due to the worldwide vinyl shortage, the original release date had to be postponed:

“Folks, as many of you know, the demand for vinyl is extremely high right now and there are severe delays to production times. We are experiencing these delays ourselves with Time To Burn and so we will be pushing the album release date back. This is to ensure our presale buyers aren’t waiting around for their records while everyone else is streaming. We’ll confer and announce a new release date very soon. Apologies for any inconvenience (or heartache) caused.”

– UltraBomb

Also UltraBomb‘s UK and Ireland tour, which was supposed to take place in March and April 2022, had to be postponed:

“As some of you know, we’ve had a hell of a time getting this band off the ground with covid restrictions, visa issues and all sorts of problems holding us back. We’ve been working hard to bring you the best album possible with our limited time and resources, and to overcome the inherent challenges of playing in a multinational band. However, we are yet again facing adversity. We have a family emergency which is unlikely to be resolved in the next week or even weeks for that matter. Therefore, we regrettably have to reschedule the U.K. tour dates for the summer.”

– UltraBomb

The new tour dates, tickets and further information can be found on UltraBomb‘s website.