Powerful return of hardcore giants: The Ghost Inside live in Nottingham, UK

Author Alina Salihbekova - 5.4.2023

After a terrible bus crash in 2015, The Ghost Inside are 100% back and stronger than ever. The band visited Nottingham as a part of their UK tour with Dragged Under and Senses Fail. The performance was impressive, to say the least. Apart from crowd surfing, circle pits and the crowd singing along, there was a strong message of unity and supporting each other in times of need. This made the return of The Ghost Inside truly inspirational. After seeing the band, you’ll feel relieved, cleansed and ready to conquer the world. That’s the energy we need right now. You can see photos of The Ghost Inside performing at the Rock City, Nottingham below.

Dragged Under:

Senses Fail:

The Ghost Inside:

The Outcast
The Great Unknown
Pressure Point
One Choice
Between the Lines
Dear Youth (Day 52)
Dark Horse
White Light
The Other Half
Test the Limits
Greater Distance
Move Me
Faith or Forgiveness
Still Alive
Engine 45