Paul Stanley of KISS shows his guitar collection

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 6.7.2024

In a new video and episode of “The Collection” by Gibson TV on YouTube, KISS guitarist Paul Stanley shows off his guitar collection. Touring for nearly 50 years with KISS and the band selling over 100 million records, you can expect a pretty wide and impressive collection by Paul Stanley.

In the video he shows off his favourite Gibson Les Paul guitars, as well as his Korina Flying V, which he says is his “best-sounding guitar”. He also speaks about the story behind his first SG Les Paul, him loosing his vintage Burst Les Pauls and what he thinks about his newest addition to the collection, a Custom Shop 1961 Les Paul SG Standard.

If you like guitars or not, diving into the KISS warehouse is an exciting experience nonetheless! Watch the full video below.