Paul Di’Anno: Stjepan Juras drops updates on ex-Iron Maiden singer’s health conditions

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 16.1.2023

Paul Di’Anno was a milestone in Iron Maiden‘s career. His voice on the eponymous first album and the subsequent “Killers” is part of an unforgettable story. Unfortunately, it is no news that Paul’s health has deteriorated in recent years. Stjepan Juras is a Croatian author, who has taken the matter to heart, recently organizing a fundraiser for the singer. In the last few hours, Stjepan has released a long update:

In Croatia, after 30 years, Paul met Steve Harris and Rod Smallwood, and saw an Iron Maiden concert, and after that he met his friends from the band KISS again. After 7 years in a wheelchair, Paul had his first comeback concert in Croatia, and held a successful performance in Germany and three sold out concerts in Greece together with Gus G and a fantastic, specially prepared band. – Stjepan Juras

On the key role played by Iron Maiden:

Iron Maden, a band that has always been selfless when someone needed help, joined fans from all over the world and sent a crucial donation to Paul’s surgery, as did Derek Riggs, by designing a special t-shirt.– Stjepan Juras

After reassuring Paul’s condition, and brilliantly summarizing his time in the singer’s company, Stjepan concludes as follows:

 The interest in Paul around the world is enormous and Paul is definitely back. Thank you Kastro, thank you all fans and friends. You will all be mentioned in my book ‘666 days with the Beast’, which will describe my 666 days with Paul.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.– Stjepan Juras

Here’s the entire post, shared on Facebook: