Overkill scorch the earth with their upcoming release “Scorched”

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 8.4.2023

It is some scorched earth policy with Overkill’s new release. Just as you’d expect it, the New York thrash metal powerhouse smash through the walls of metal with one more classic.

Along with Bobby Blitz’s iconic piercing voice, and the sharp bass guitar tone that lacerates your ears and that is recognizable in a million, the riffs have all it takes to make for great thrashers. But on top of blasting through with classic thrash, this album is the sound of maturing, for a band that’s been destroying stages over the world for over three decades.

Diverse elements incorporated into the iconic New Jersey thrash make this album more than just one more collection of fast and aggressive tracks, but rather a story that takes you on a trip to live through Overkill’s states of mind, their stances on life matters, and it is all communicated within the riffs, the structures, the breaks and the loud banging on the drums.

This LP is really one rallying cry to the metal youth to persevere, keep writing, explore, evolve, mature, all while staying true to one’s identity. It reeks of genuineness, and it feels as so those legendary bands are the link that still to this day keeps the metal world true and authentic.

Looking forward to see them on tour, banging tunes from this masterpiece.


  1. Scorched
  2. Goin’ Home
  3. The Surgeon
  4. Twist of the Wick
  5. Wicked Place
  6. Won’t be Comin Back
  7. Fever
  8. Harder They Fall
  9. Know Her Name
  10. Bag o’ Bones