Noumena celebrates its 25th anniversary with a new song

Author Benedetta Baldin - 5.1.2024

To celebrate its 25-year career, Noumena decided to revisit the early years and re-recorded “Silent Words” – a song written in 1998-1999 and originating from band’s second demo in “For the Fragile One”. “Silent Words” takes you back to the origin of Noumena‘s melodic death metal, yet it sounds fresh and topical with catchy melodies, steamrolling groove, and aggressive delivery. The song has really aged with dignity and grace. What a banger!

B-side of the single is a live version of “Everlasting Ward“, one of the faster songs on Noumena‘s second album “Absence”. It was recorded in Oulu, Finland, January 2023. After the 25th anniversary gig in January, Noumena shall continue the work with new material. The plan is to release new music by the end of 2024.