Nightwish releases second making-of video from upcoming “Yesterwynde” album

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 6.6.2024

Nightwish has published the second episode of their making-of series on YouTube. The album “Yesterwynde” will be dropped on September 20 this year, via Nuclear Blast. It will be the band’s tenth studio LP.

Troy Donockley, multi-instrumentalist of Nightwish, reveals how this new album feels like the third part of a triology after the last two albums.  

“All of the excitement of the previous two albums, “Endless Forms [Most Beautiful]” and “Human. :II: Nature” are spiraling down into the rehearsal room for this third album. It feels like a continuation. You can feel the direction it’s going in. It starts to gather its own life. We hold on to its coattails as it whirls us off into the future.” Troy Donockley

Regarding the sound of the new album “Yesterwynde”, he speaks of it as being more wide, vast and deep than the last. Nightwish also had another orchestra for the album this time, with a slightly different complexion than the last time.

“We don’t make the music with anybody in mind, we just want to give ourselves goosebumps every know and again. And it looks like mission accomplished on that with this.” Troy Donockley

Before this video other Nightwish members gave similar statements about the new album.

Tuomas Holopainen, keyboardist and songwriter of Nightwish, told Metal Hammer that “Yesterwynde” will be the third part of a triology that began with the album “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”, published in 2015.

“I immediately knew after getting that album [“Endless Forms Most Beautiful”] done that, ‘Okay, we have to do more songs about this, because there’s so much more to explore and tell the world. We’re not done with this.’ And the same thing happened after “Human. :II: Nature”, we’re still not done. So let’s do one more. At least one more.”

In any case, Nightwish fans are excited about what expects them with this new album. For now, they need to be satisfied with the first song “Perfume Of The Timeless” already out and the announced tracklist of “Yesterwynde”.

01. Yesterwynde
02. An Ocean Of Strange Islands
03. The Antikythera Mechanism
04. The Day Of…
05. Perfume Of The Timeless
06. Sway
07. The Children Of ‘Ata
08. Something Whispered Follow Me
09. Spider Silk
10. Hiraeth
11. The Weave
12. Lanternlight