Mystic Festival announces first five bands to next year’s edition

Author Arto Mäenpää - 28.9.2023

Satyricon, the icon of Norwegian black metal, Thy Art Is Murder, who seek a new face of brutality, Lord Of The Lost, blending glam and gothic, death metal institution Asphyx and riff masters Orange Goblin – these are the first artists confirmed for Mystic Festival 2024.


Today they are well-respected classics, who feel at home at the Norwegian National Opera and enter into a thrilling dialogue with Edvard Munch, the pioneer of expressionism. Yesterday they set the world on fire in the forefront of Norway’s black metal revolution, in the name of Mother North providing us with such masterpieces as “The Shadowthrone,” “Nemesis Divina” and “Rebel Extravaganza.” Yesterday and today – Satyricon are masters of black art who need no further introduction.

Thy Art Is Murder

Led by guitarist Sean Delander, this deathcore beast from Australia has been wreaking havoc since 2006. Thy Art Is Murder‘s latest, sixth album, titled “Godlike,” amazes with its perfect balance between extreme music tradition and modernity, combining brutality with technical prowess. By the way, have you seen the cover of “Godlike”? Come to the front of the stage, and this is what you’ll look like after the show….

Lord Of The Lost

Almost made it this year, will definitely make it in 2024. Lord Of The Lost play their own modern blend of glam rock and gothic metal, combining upbeat synth parts that might recall what’s best on Depeche Mode records with the coldness of industrial rock and the overpowering metal heaviness. The Hamburg-based band’s latest album is aptly titled “Blood & Glitter” – and you can expect similar contrasts from the fantastic Lord Of The Lost performance.


Pioneers of the mighty Dutch school of death metal, where bleak, almost doom-like heaviness harmonizes with body-tearing riffs and the artillery of rhythm section. And then there’s the voice, out of this world – Martin van Drunen is one of the genre’s finest throats. From their debut “The Rack” (1991) to the three decades younger “Necroceros,” Asphyx remains a guarantee of quality and fidelity to the old school of bone crushing. We know exactly what to expect in Gdańsk and we really can’t wait.

Orange Goblin

Such riffs, such a sound they have only in England. Orange Goblin is the heaviness of the first Black Sabbath albums, the filthy boogie of Motörhead, the sound of classic heavy metal, the atmosphere of Hammer Film horror movies and the London fog in which a deadly threat lurks. Orange Goblin is nine fantastic albums and a tenth on the way! The successor to the excellent “The Wolf Bites Back” is currently in the making and we can expect it in the first half of 2024.

Mystic Festival 2024 will be held at the Gdansk Shipyard from June 5-8. For more information and tickets go to:

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