Moon Shot: Finnish rock outfit ft. former members of Children Of Bodom, Disco Ensemble and Lapko release new music video “Yes!”

Author Flavia Andrade - 15.9.2023

Moon Shot plays true twenty-first century rock ‘n’ roll. So, even at the threat of cliché, they describe it like it is: genuine rock music from the heart built on all the melodic loudness they grew up with. And this quartet is the right band to bring this honest-to-rock blast of music. These are no fresh-from-the-bud boys – they’ve already had careers hefty enough to define a person with the bands Children Of Bodom, Disco Ensemble, and Lapko.

Moon Shot’s upcoming second album is preceded with their latest single entitled, “Yes!”. It rushes at you with a chorus that embraces so tight that it’s hard to see if it’s loving you or strangling you (or a bit of both). The video was shot in August 2023 in Helsinki by Sami Joensuu.

As chief composer, guitarist and producer Jussi Ylikoski notes:

The song appears easygoing at first but when you look at it closer, you see that it’s special both musically and lyrically.

Vocalist/lyricist Ville Malja adds:

People may also hear the chorus as something overly positive – and that’s fine. But I see it as a fight song. There’s a lot of things that aren’t ok in the world and YES we can do something about it.

In a sense, this song captures the essence of Moon Shot’s different sides: positive aggression with a vulnerable message that you want to join in with. Time to let this band into your life with a blast aimed right at the heart.

You can watch the video below: