Meshuggah’s drum virtuoso Tomas Haake praises Imperial Triumphant’s drummer: “We all wish we could play like him”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 19.8.2022

Drummer Tomas Haake of Swedish metal giants Meshuggah is repeatedly praised for his technical skills. Haake is considered one of the best metal drummers – often the best.

So if Haake is praising another drummer, it’s certainly worth paying attention. In a recent interview with Metal Injection, Haake praises Kenny Grohowski, drummer for Imperial Triumphant, which combines jazz and extreme metal.

“[Myself and interviewer Frank Godla] have a mutual friend that is one of the most insane drummers I’ve ever seen – Kenny Grohowski that plays with Imperial Triumphant among other bands. What the hell? I mean, we all wish we could play like Kenny. None of us can.”

Haake also names in the interview his admiration for Gene Hoglan of Testament fame, Dave Lombardo of Slayer fame and Mario Duplantier of Gojira, among others.

Haake has appeared on Imperial Triumphant’s “City Swine”.