A masterpiece of power metal: exploring Great Master’s “Montecristo”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 5.9.2023

Last week I was thinking to myself that this year was a bit unimpressive when it comes to releases, and I was afraid that I would have to work hard to find some good albums before 2023 will reach its end. I couldn’t have spoken more false words because little did I know that my world was about to be turned upside down after listening to Great Master‘s latest fatigue, “Montecristo”.

Chaoszine was kindly invited by the band to the listening party, so I was eager and very excited to discover this brand-new work. When it comes to the realm of power metal (which I absolutely adore), the bar is set high for epic storytelling, soaring vocals, and intricate orchestrations. “Montecristo” not only meets these expectations but raises the stakes in a genre known for its grandiosity.

From the very first notes of the album, it becomes evident that “Montecristo” is a meticulously crafted work of art. The production is nothing short of pristine, with each instrument and vocal line standing out vividly in the mix. This attention to detail allows the listener to fully immerse themselves in the album’s sonic landscape, where every element plays a crucial role in delivering the band’s message.

Oh yeah, this track? Best choice for a single EVER.

Speaking of vocals, Great Master have truly outdone themselves. Lead singer Stefano, whose name is now synonymous with power metal excellence, delivers a performance that is truly wonderful. The vocal range displayed throughout the album is awe-inspiring, effortlessly soaring from melodic verses to powerful, high-octave choruses without forgetting his charming lower register. It’s a masterclass in emotive singing that draws the listener into the heart of the album’s narrative. Stefano also plays the flute in this record, and the flute melodies are not just an embellishment; they are an integral part of the album’s identity, elevating it to a level of uniqueness rarely seen in power metal.

But what truly sets “Montecristo” apart is the brilliant storytelling, so much so that is quite impossible to stop the record once it starts. The orchestrations that envelop the album, provided by Giorgio Peccenini, are divine. Each track feels like a cinematic journey, with symphonic elements adding depth and grandeur to the band’s already powerful sound. The interplay between guitars, drums, and the symphony is a testament to Great Master‘s ability to seamlessly fuse metal and classical music. You will most likely fall down your chair when listening to “Man From The East“, which is full of oriental and Eastern sounds.

Furthermore, “Montecristo” represents a significant step forward for the band in terms of its concept and thematic depth. The album’s narrative is a captivating tale of heroism, tragedy, and redemption, mirroring the emotional peaks and valleys of the music itself. The lyrics, excellence by Gianluca Carlini, are not just words but an integral part of the album’s soul, adding layers of meaning and complexity to the listening experience. I had goosebumps while listening to “On October 5th“, the track that closes the concept (but not the album).

In conclusion, “Montecristo” by Great Master is a power metal opus that shines brilliantly in the genre’s crowded landscape. This album is a must-listen for any power metal enthusiast. Great Master has not only met but exceeded the high expectations set by their previous works, cementing their place as true masters (no pun intended!) of the genre.


01 – Le Pharaon
02 – Back Home
03 – The Left Hand Joke
04 – Where The Shame Lives
05 – I Am The Master
06 – Your Fall Will Come
07 – Nest Of Stone
08 – My Name
09 – Man From The East
10 – The Weak Point
11 – Final Revenge
12 – On October 5th (Wait And Hope)
13 – Montecristo