Massive crowd sings along to Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff” at Lollapalooza Argentina

Author Arto Mäenpää - 20.3.2024

Limp Bizkit has shared remarkable footage from their performance at Lollapalooza Argentina, showcasing an electrifying moment when a reported crowd of 100,000 fans passionately sang along to their iconic 1999 hit, “Break Stuff.”

The clip, which has quickly become Limp Bizkit‘s most-watched Instagram Reel, depicts an awe-inspiring scene where the massive audience not only jumps in unison but also flawlessly recites every word of the chorus and the first two verses, drowning out frontman Fred Durst in the process. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold.

Break Stuff” was performed twice during the night, opening and closing the set, although it’s unclear which performance the footage captures. Despite the uncertainty, the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd are undeniable.

Kerrang! reports that the video has garnered nearly one million views in less than a day, showcasing the enduring impact and popularity of Limp Bizkit‘s music.

In their review of Lollapalooza, the Buenos Aires Herald praised Limp Bizkit‘s performance, stating, “Love them or hate them, the energy of Limp Bizkit’s set was unparalleled. With Fred Durst’s corny but memorable rhymes paired with an explosive chorus, the set got the largest mosh pit of the weekend. ‘Break Stuff,’ ‘My Way,’ and ‘Rollin’’ were all part of the frenzied high-energy fun, including a cover of Rage Against The Machine’s anthem ‘Killing In The Name.’

The review concluded by describing the show as “a cathartic, sweat-inducing gig that stands out as a memorable festival moment.

Following their South American shows, Limp Bizkit is set to perform at Festival Estéreo Picnic in Bogota, Colombia, on March 21 and Lollapalooza in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on March 22.