Mario Duplantier (Gojira) publishes a new video for the drum solo ‘Meteor’

Author Benedetta Baldin - 17.5.2024

Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier has unveiled a video for his latest drum solo titled “Meteor.” Directed by Anne Deguehegny, the clip showcases Duplantier’s impressive skills behind the drum kit.

Being in a band with siblings sometimes can be challenging. When asked to Joseph Duplantier if he ever fights with Mario, he states:

Sometimes, but we’re pretty patient. We have anger. I wouldn’t say we have anger issues, but sometimes I wonder. We respect and love each other very much. We’re aware that we’re dealing with a project that is very life-defining for us, and there’s a lot of people around us. So we’re pretty patient. Sometimes I can feel and I can tell — and he would say the same — that sometimes we just can’t stand each other. For a little bit — for, like, an hour or two hours. And then we’ll be, like, ‘You know what? I’m outta here.’ We will not start screaming, for example, if something is not happening. Maybe once a year or twice a year we’ll raise our voice on each other and it’s pretty nasty, but it’s very short. So, yeah, we’re not punching each other in the face or anything like that. Sometimes he starts just playing something and I’ll follow him directly. And then something grows. Or we’ll stop and say, ‘Hey, I have this vision of something. It goes a bit like this.’ And then we start… We build together. It’s pretty incredible. I actually never really experienced that with anybody — making art together without being, like, ‘Oh my God. What is he doing? That’s not what I wanna do.’ There’s always a connection in something. And I’m very comfortable on the creative process, ’cause I know we’re looking for the same thing — sort of. He has his world, I have my own world, of course — we’re not the same… But sometimes we get together, and the common area is what defines what the band is, pretty much. So when we’re in that zone, where we connect, and there’s this thing where we’re both… And we know — we just look at each other; we raise an eyebrow or something, and, boom. We don’t need to talk. We just play, play, play.