Måneskin shocked fans in Mexico City with the new single “Kool Kids”

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 31.10.2022

During their first “Loud Kids” tour date, Italian rockers Måneskin shocked their fans by opening the show with a brand new song: “Kool Kids”. The song, part of the upcoming album, was never officially released and sounded loud in a sold-out Pepsi Center, in Mexico City. There is not a fine record, but we can all enjoy the new single through a pretty good fan footage:

That’s not all. The Mexico City show was already a record for Måneskin. Hundreds of queue kilometers welcomed the Italians. Among this massive concentration of enthusiastic fans, there was also the famous pilot Charles Leclerc. Also, in this warm and unexpected atmosphere, Måneskin‘s frontman, Damiano David, expressed his grief for losing his beloved grandfather. Before starting to sing “The Loneliest, Damiano explained how this song is deeply related to him and his current family situation.

Translating from Italian:

You made me taste the wine and smoke the first cigarette. You brought me the “focaccia” with “buon prosciutto” and, ’til the last moment, you boasted that you were the singer’s grandfather. You made me laugh, but today, you also make me cry. Thanks for everything. Forever, little Gingi.

– Damiano David

No doubt that Mexico City was a rich experience for Måneskin‘s worldwide career. We have everything rockers need: good music, strong emotions, and blasting new project anticipation.