Måneskin release new single “HONEY (Are u coming?)”

Author Stefanie Nysand - 1.9.2023

The winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Måneskin, have just released their new single “HONEY (Are u coming?)“. You can listen to the song below:

Måneskin will perform “HONEY (Are u coming?)” live on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards on 12 September 2023 in New Jersey:

“We’re sooo ready to bring some HONEY on the stage of the Video Music Awards!! Don’t miss the live performance of our new single on September 12th on MTV!”

– Måneskin

Last year, Måneskin performed at the MTV Video Music Awards as well, causing quite a stir: At the beginning of their performance for “Supermodel“, singer Damiano David could be seen in chaps, exposing his bare bottom as he turned around. A little later, the breasts of bassist Victoria De Angelis were exposed. The latter was not visible for people who followed the award show on screen, due to censorship. While it was initally reported that Victoria De Angelis seemed to have taken off her top, reports were later on corrected, speaking about a “wardrobe malfunction”. It remains to be seen whether Måneskin will cause a similar stir at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. In any case, the quartet from Italy’s capital Rome is nominated in the category “Best Rock” with “The Loneliest“. Already at the MTV Video Music Awards 2022, Måneskin were nominated in two categories, “Best New Artist” and “Best Alternative”, and could bag the award for the latter with their song “I Wanna Be Your Slave“.