Photo Credit: Lari Koponen

Majesties reveal album details and live dates for Finland

Author Stefanie Nysand - 11.5.2022

Majesties have revealed first details about their debut album, entitled “Wind Cries In The Scarlet Night”:

“About a year ago we entered the studio with our eyes on a full length album. This was always the goal. It took about six days of recording and we got it done. Nine tracks of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Goth, Garage, Roots, Fast, Slow, Hypnotizing, Banging, Crying, Laughing, Killing and everything in between rhythms to define the soul of Majesties! When we wrote these songs and put them together we had no idea where we’re going with the debut for Majesties but looking back on the album now we’ve created a monster of violently psychlogical prelude for apocalypse […] It took a year to get where we are now. Every aspect of the album was done independently. Time to breath out and wait for July with you all! We’ll be celebrating the release of course but more on that down the line as well as details on the Vinyls”– Majesties

“Wind Cries In The Scarlet Night” is set for a vinyl release on 22 July 2022. The upcoming 1st studio album by Majesties will also be available on all major streaming platforms, as the quantity of pressed vinyls will be limited. Also the cover artwork of the album, designed by none other than Majesties‘ guitarist Pietari Noutere, and the album’s tracklist have already been revealed:


01 Lies
02 Red Room
03 Apes Being Apes
04 Black Crow
05 Madame Madness
06 She Walks With Fire
07 I’ll Let Your Love
08 Anthropomorphine
09 Cycles

The album was recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced by Onni Lappalainen at Crane Studio in Lappeenranta, Finland. So far, two singles have been released from “Wind Cries In The Scarlet Night”: “Black Crow” and “Lies“.

The rock’n’roll trio from Finland’s capital Helsinki has also announced some live shows for Finland, the first of which will take place already this Saturday (14 May 2022):

14.05.2022 Arabian katufestivaali, Helsinki
25.05.2022 Utopia Club, Turku
03.06.2022 Lepakkomies, Helsinki
17.06.2022 Vahtofest 2022, Turku.

Majesties comment on the forthcoming live dates as follows:

“Damn it feels good to hit the stage again after putting our energy to other matters for the better part of the year! Sets include tunes off the upcoming Wind Cries In The Scarlet Night as well as old favorites and rarities! […] See ya at the shows!”– Majesties