High-octane action rock from Helsinki: Fuzzkills announce the release of their debut single

Author Stefanie Nysand - 23.2.2024

Fans of action rock in the style of The Hellacopters can look forward to new talent in this genre: Hailing from Finland’s capital Helsinki, Fuzzkills announce their debut single “Fade Into The Night” which will be released on 1 March 2024.

Fade Into The Night” is also a foretaste of Fuzzkills‘ debut EP, which is “cooking and will be out as soon as possible”.

Fuzzkills were founded in 2023 and are consisting of, amongst others, Majesties‘ drummer Kalle Määttänen who also sits behind the drums in Fuzzkills, and Lovers Left Alive bassist Vänski Väntänen who serves one of the guitars. The mission of the quintet is to “bring action back into rock where it firmly belongs. It’s about The Hellacopters meets Motörhead and there’s a lot of noise in between.”

“We’re on that old school kind of statement where tempos are fast, and ballads belong to funerals. So many influences we wanted to put on a pedestal and honor.” – Fuzzkills