Machine Head’s new album is slowly getting ready

Author Samuel Järvinen - 13.12.2021

Machine Head, the groove metal band fronted by US singer-guitarist Robb Flynn, have been working quietly on their upcoming new studio album.

According to previous reports, the band’s tenth album is due out in summer 2022, and now Rob Flynn explains a little more about the album’s progress in a recent episode of his own podcast.

“I’m in the studio right now. In fact, we started yesterday — Zack and I were in the recording studio finishing up the new album, working on the new album. It’s coming along. Right now, they’re setting up in there. They’ve got Navene Koperweis of EntheosAnimals As Leaders and a million other bands — he is setting up drums and he’s gonna be laying down some heat with the drums. Yeah, it’s going really good — it’s been really, really productive. And we’re kind of getting towards the end here, man — we’re getting towards the finish line. The finish line is in sight, and I haven’t been able to say that for a long time.”

Flynn echoed the earlier information that the record will be released next summer. He also told that the vinyl version will take some time due to Adele’s new album creating a lot of traffic in the factories:

“We’re probably gonna be dropping some new songs pretty soon. Then the record will be dropping probably end of summer next year. We’ve gotta wait till the vinyl all lines up ’cause the vinyl takes fucking forever now. Nine-month lead time on vinyl. Adele just shifted 130 thousand copies of vinyl first week. Dude, it’s crazy. All these fucking major labels are clogging up all of the vinyl pressing plants now. So, yeah, it’s been a challenge. But we’ll be dropping some songs on the DSPs, digital service providers.”

The band’s previous album “Catharsis” was released in 2018.